Featherland Aviaries began with two cockatiels: Herb and Spice. With their first clutch (Pepper, Parsely, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme) we were introduced to the wonderful world of aviculture. I first became interested in the field of genetics through my work with cockatiels and I have written articles for and lectured to bird clubs on this subject.

In my attempt to determine what I wanted to be when I grew up, I found myself employed as a technician at a veterinary hospital specializing in avian medicine in Orange County, California. There I improved my skills in the medical management of various avian species. I developed a series of seminars for pet bird owners and aviculturists, including "hands-on" lessons in handfeeding baby birds. I also helped develop in-house diagnostic methods for the hospital.

The veterinary hospital was also a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center. There I gained experience in handling sea birds, raptors, songbirds, and my specialty... hummingbirds. I later obtained my license independently for rehabilitating rescued hummingbirds in my home for release back into the wild.

Meanwhile, my own birds were increasing in both size and number. My laboratory and husbandry experience lead to the opportunity to handfeed for local aviculturists in addition to my own birds. This included handfeeding the third Green-Wing King Parrot ever raised in the United States. I have handfed many species from the tiniest hummingbirds to the largest of parrots: the Hyacinth Macaw. I've also done extensive behavior modification work with parrots, including helping owners work with their birds to develop them into better pets, improving owner/bird relationships, and making the most of your bird's abilities and intelligence through trick training.

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