Featherland Cattery's breeding program currently focuses on the Norwegian Forest Cat and Selkirk Rex breeds. Our most successful show cat is CFA GP NW, TICA SGCA RW Fig Kollibri of Featherland (above), a very affectionate Norwegian Forest Cat. We are located in the Southern California area, in the beautiful rural community of Norco.

We no longer breed Turkish Angoras, but we continue to be involved with these rare and intelligent cats. Visit our Turkish Angora web page for more information. Our first Turkish Angora grand, CFA GP RW, TICA DGCA Featherland's Fuzzy Slipper, was CFA's highest scoring Turkish Angora in Premiership and the Southwest Region's third highest scoring cat in Premiership for the 2001-2002 show season!

This is a picture of one of our Selkirk Rex. We were one of the foundation breeders of these cats. For more information about the Selkirk Rex, see the Selkirk Rex FAQ.

We are also involved in Persian Rescue in the Southern California area. Please visit our rescue web site for information on adopting an older Persian in dire need of a new, loving home.

Featherland's chocolate and lilac Persian program made incredible progress over the 17 years we spent working with these rare colors. GRC Featherland's Weird Science was CFA's first chocolate or lilac grand champion in the Persian Tabby Division and was the Southwest Region's Second Best Tabby Persian. Pictured is GRC Cactusway's Chocolate Memories of Featherland, CFA's third self chocolate Persian grand champion, shown in memory of her late breeder (and my mentor) Toni Renzacci.


This is GRC RW, GRP RW Castrovalva's Sir Fred of Featherland, a red Somali neuter. Fred was Fifth Best Cat in Premiership in the Southwest Region of CFA for the 1998-1999 show season. Please read Michael's heartfelt tribute to his Fred

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